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Our simple, easy-to-use cryptocurrency auto trading bot will make your trading much easier. Deploy multiple trading bots in minutes, ready to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on your behalf, using built-in, proven strategies or Your preferred strategy.

It only takes one or two clicks to trade and create a new cryptocurrency pair. So are you ready to learn more about the easiest way of buying and selling cryptocurrencies automatically and successfully? Check our automated crypto trading bot now!

Crypto Trading Is Difficult and Complicated
- the modern cryptocurrency market

How to trade cryptocurrency like a pro? Cryptocurrency trading (buying and selling transactions) is much more difficult than it seems. Cryptocurrencies are a financial instrument that is characterized by high volatility. Trading them is not the easiest thing and requires appropriate investment strategies. In fact, 95% of traders lose money within a few months. You'll need years of experience and thousands of dollars in "testing" to start getting it right. However, we have found another way for you to sell and buy cryptocurrencies easier and more effectively. Just use our crypto trading bots.

We created EazyBot to change the digital currency market (cryptocurrency markets)

What makes our best crypto trading bots unique? EazyBot is an easy-to-use trading robot, pre-programmed (the most popular trading strategies) to efficiently create a new cryptocurrency pair, with proven trading strategies, so anyone including complete beginners without their own strategy or trading idea can enter the market and trade  cryptocurrencies (also paired with traditional currencies – fiat currency) confidently. If you use this bot, it is much easier to trade cryptocurrencies.

What to do to take advantage of the benefits of automated trading with crypto trading bots in crypto assets? For our cryptocurrency trading bot to start earning money for you, all you need to do is choose a solution with an annual license in the appropriate variant. You can choose the Starter subscription for five trading pairs and 1 exchange, the Advanced variant for ten pairs and 2 exchanges, VIP for up to 25 pairs, or VIP+ without any pair limits and 5 exchanges.

Tired of studying?

EazyBot app (using artificial intelligence used to trade crypto: e.g. for Bitcoin trading) includes pre-set automated trading strategies that have been tested by professional traders.

Our best crypto trading bots help the investor, track technical indicators, current rates and market changes at all times, checking which moves will be most profitable at a given moment.

Are you afraid you will lose all your money?

See how crypto trading bots work using popular trading strategies. In most cases, pre-set trading strategies have been proven to generate consistent results whether the markets are going up or down. To be successful, all you need to do is launch automatic trading cryptocurency.

No time for trading?

Don't quit your job if you want to buy/sell cryptocurrencies online. Take advantage of the capabilities of automatic trading robots within the EazyBot platform (automated crypto bot), which will take care of trading for you and track current cryptocurrency rates in real time. They execute transactions on the selected cryptocurrency pair on your behalf. Performing this activity repeatedly brings real profits. Sit back and relax while our best bots do the work for you, using complex trading strategies on trading platform, and you will soon be enjoying cashing out.

Automatic Crypto Trading Available For People
Non Technical!

See what you can gain by betting on our best trading bots. There are many crypto trading bots that help investors. However, they are most often created for advanced  successful traders and/or tech-savvy people who feel like fish out of water on crypto exchanges. So, even though such cryptocurrency tools for bot trading are supposed to make trading easier, the truth is that they are very complicated.

That's why we created EazyBot; to make cryptocurrency trading easy and accessible to everyone.

Accelerate your success in crypto – a modern crypto trading bot

Are you looking for new financial instruments and are you interested in bot trading? Watch this video and see why the EazyBot - bot for trading cryptocurrencies (our newest trading bot) is the absolute easiest and painless way to trade automatically cryptocurrencies, even for a new user. These are the kinds of automated tools with an intuitive user interface you need to succeed.

Start Earning Automatically Passively
in 3 Simple Steps Effective Best Crypto Trading Bot

Less than 10 minutes and no more than 3 simple steps is all you need to set up your cryptocurrency trading bots to work on your trading pair. Thanks to their intensive work, you will see how you will enjoy the profits you have earned every day. How to trade cryptocurrencies?

This is really all you need to remember to enter the stock market. An automated cryptobot will do the rest. It's a really efficient and effective tool for making money. Find out how to start trading quickly with EazyBot cryptocurrency robots, even if you're just a beginner.

Use Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading Using AI

How to trade with crypto trading bots? EazyBot with pre-programmed, tested strategies, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, performs all actions for you and facilitates cryptocurrency trading, which will bring a satisfactory result in a short time.

You can use the cryptobot to create one pair or create more of them to increase the value of the generated profit. But that's still not all that our trading bot offers.

There are so many other great things
that EazyBot can do for you...

Stay On
The Cryptocurrency Market 24/7

EazyBot will not only handle cryptocurrency trading 24/7 in the financial markets for you, but will also scour them to find new opportunities.

Open & Close
Trades In A Second

When your trade is profitable, the trading bot closes it immediately. Then he immediately opens a new trade when he sees an opportunity!

Save Your Time With the Help of a Trading Bot

For experienced traders, EazyBot can help you enter and exit trades based on your preferences. You won't have to spend hours looking at signals, entry points and exit points. Our trading bots will do it for you.

Get Better

EazyBot is constantly learning and evolving. It gets more and more intelligent as it does its job on crypto markets. Remember, the smarter your trading robots are, the better your results will be!

Proof? Read
What People Say About EazyBot...

  • sLAWEK
    "I tried to learn trading for about 2 years. I lost tens of thousands of zlotys on training and trading. EazyBot works after 10 minutes, it trades for me 24/7, I don't have to worry about anything and I am happy to watch subsequent profitable transactions."
  • Kamil śmiechowski
    "Eazybot is a great tool that works 24/7 and generates profits thanks to a safe, long-term strategy. I really like the involvement of the entire company management in the development and constant improvement of the product. I see great potential for further development here, especially since the project is still quite little known in Poland and in the world."

Get started
Quick and Easy

If you choose EazyBot, you don't have to worry about technical issues or choosing the right strategy. You will receive historical data of each of the built-in settings, so you can easily find a trading strategy that suits you.

You have certainly been waiting for the opportunity to make investment decisions easier and more efficiently.

So why wait any longer?

Check out how our crypto trading bots can start trading for you!

Trade cryptocurrencies Like a Pro with EazyBot

This is what you get when you use EazyBot trading bots:

AI artificial intelligence (our trading robots), trades on your behalf 24/7 based on your selected parameter settings.

Built-in proven strategies created and tested by cryptocurrency trade experts.

Easy-to-use software (modern and automated tools) with zero learning curve so you can start right away.

Maximize your trading with an automated bot that constantly analyzes market data and can open/close a trade in seconds.

Within the EazyBot cryptocurrency trading tool (also in the free version) you get all this, plus the confidence that you can generate profits for various trading pairs, whether the cryptocurrency markets are going up or down.

Just create a free account to start trading on cryptocurrency pairs, create your own investment strategy and close many profitable trades.

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Run your Automated Trading Strategies With EazyBot Now!

Whether you're a beginner looking to get into cryptocurrency trading or you're an experienced trader looking to maximize your results by doing less, EazyBot can help you.

With EazyBot, you only need a few clicks to start a trading pair. That's all that separates you from profit.

So why don't you try this amazing cryptocurrency trading bot today?

It's a new wayto trade cryptocurrency automatically with the help of trading robots within pairs with more consistent results. Suitable for both advanced users and beginners.

What way? EazyBot's effective and profitable way.

EazyBot Automatic Trading Robot
road to success in crypto market

Want to really start making money in crypto? Don't have time to analyze the stock market all day long or to check the market trends and prices movements? Or maybe you still don’t have enough knowledge to do the technical and fundamental analysis? Are you afraid that the cryptocurrency market is too volatile and you won't notice your opportunities? You need the right automatic tools, like our trading bot. Thanks to this, you do not need to have advanced knowledge to create a new currency pair. This way you will increase your chance of profits and reduce your risk (successful risk management).

Take advantage of the capabilities of our trading robots that will help you succeed and make significant profits, regardless of whether you already have a lot of knowledge and are an advanced trader, or are just entering the market.

Why is it worth using EazyBot? If you choose our advanced system (desktop or mobile app download), you have a chance to gain a lot in the world of digital currencies (electronic money) and crypto markets. You can take advantage of a free subscription (for 45 days) and choose one of the ready-made investment strategies to check out our automatic cryptocurrency trading, which will be carried out for you by a trading robot, tested by industry specialists.

Start automatic trading of various cryptocurrencies with EazyBot and start making profitable trades today.