About us

EazyBot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that aims to make automated trading easy and accessible to anyone, including complete beginners with zero experience in both cryptocurrency trading and trading.

Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading, For Everyone

Even though there are many cryptocurrency trading bots beyond Eazy Bot, they are too complicated for beginners and those who tried usually gave up before implementing their first bot. We want to change this.

We are changing this by creating automated trading software that includes built-in winning trading strategies and artificial intelligence that executes all trades for users. It's so simple that beginners can make profitable trades within minutes of setting up EazyBot.

Why do we do what we do?

Today, even experienced traders can miss an opportunity and/or lose their investment because it is almost impossible to sit for hours, constantly watching signals, entry and exit points without rest.

We want to give them a solution that allows them to maximize profits while minimizing risk by letting AI do the hard work.

EazyBot gives beginners the opportunity to more easily enter the lucrative cryptocurrency market.

With this software, beginners can easily and confidently trade their cryptocurrencies and use our proven strategies to make profitable trades.

Our Team Makes It Possible

EazyBot didn't build itself - we have a dedicated team that constantly works to develop great software and solve our users' problems. Our software is very accessible and full of impressive features, all thanks to them.